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Key Benefits of Using Piggyback Forklifts

Forklifts have been around in many forms for years helping make easier in various industries especially those that haul heavy loads. Piggyback forklifts are a new concept that allows businesses to have the forklift they need for hauling of loads without consuming as much space as they did before. Even though piggyback forklifts are still built around the concept of counterbalance, they have more advantages than the other forms. If you are not using a piggyback forklift in your warehouse for whatever reason, you are missing out on the following merits.

Buying or using a piggyback forklift is beneficial because it helps in saving space; having a little extra usable space is good which is why you should have a forklift that is mounted on the back of a truck. Having a piggyback forklift saves you the trouble and cost of hiring or borrowing; if there is no forklift on-site, you will be forced to hire or borrow, an extra expense that can be avoided if the forklift comes with the delivery truck. A truck-mounted forklift will help you save labor costs; if you are borrowing or hiring a forklift, you may have to hire a certified operator too which is not the case if the truck has a piggyback forklift.

You will be ensuring the health and safety of your staff if you choose a piggyback forklift; the truck-mounted forklift can be used to offload everything so your staff don’t have to do it manually, risking personal injuries among other things. Piggyback forklifts speed up the offloading process; you could end up spending an entire day unloading goods from a lorry because manual unloading is slow and takes a lot of time which why is a piggyback forklift is better.

You can boost the productivity of your firm thanks to a truck-mounted forklift; with the truck driver handling unloading, you and your staff can concentrate on the core of your business, enabling you to do more within a limited time. Ability to handle various other services is another feature that makes a piggyback forklift so attractive; apart from unloading, it can be used for moving goods from point to another, plus you can rent it to other people and earn money out of it.

In situations where there isn’t enough room to get a lorry of any size, you can easily park near the entrance and use the piggyback forklift to take each through the gate. Using a piggyback forklift is the best way to save both time and money for your business. Using a piggyback forklift comes with the advantages highlighted above.

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