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How to Make EAP Accessible to your Employees

There are so many hardships you could be dealing with at work that hinder your true productivity potential. When coupled with the challenges from work out of the office, life can be stressful. You can tell why there are employee assistance programs (EAP). With such resources in place, it becomes easier for them to handle whatever challenges come their way.

Employers are motivated to make sure there are EAP benefits for their employees since it makes them more productive. But providing them with it only is not enough. They need to make sure that it is utilized, if it to be an effective resource. Here are the ways you can make sure they know about it, and they use it as expected.

You need to let them know that there is such a thing as EAP. There is a need to do a sensitization each year for them to know of its existence. To make it effective, ask the HR department or the EAP service provider to handle it.

Apart from that, you need to make sure they are aware of its accessibility. It is important also that they are aware such a program is for their best. You can put in place a phone number that they can use for a direct booking of an appointment. The fact that there will be no long and official process for accessing the EAP facility shall make it even more attractive to them. If possible, they can also have a number to talk to a counselor instead of going there physically.

They should also let them know that it is a confidential facility. You need them to know that there shall be no records of their visit to the service provider for their sessions. This becomes easier for them to accept when they see you have put in place a direct line to the service provider.

It is important that they are aware that the EAP is there to promote their quality of life. EAPs shall help you manage all the things that could be causing you to have doubts in reaching your true potential in life. As soon as you manage to deal with all the frustrations in your life, you shall manage to have a better work-life balance. The more they excel at work, the more they will get rewarded with progress in their careers.

Apart from the presence of the EAP, you should make a point of letting them know the value of wellness in their lives. You can share articles, links, and blog posts, through the company email system. You also have the informational boards at work to share such info with them.

When you let them know the importance of EAP, as well as how to access them, they shall make the most of it.

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